Those Guys….

by admin | January 20, 2020 | News

“We’ve got the legal good-good!” That’s what was yelled at to my teenage daughters and their friends as we were walking into Summerfest last summer. The guy who yelled it was hanging out of a box truck parked alongside the road. With a tie-dye shirt, ridiculous beany and looking very stoned. Tie-dyed tapestries hung from his box truck mobile shop and Reggae was playing loudly while his pitbulls were chained up inside. You couldn’t have cast a better stereotype.

“THEY ARE KIDS!” I yelled back.

“Sorry bro, they looked 18.” he returned. “Hey do you want to buy some CBD? It’s medicine.”


“This is why I don’t regret our decision and this is why we will be successful,” I said to Shawna. We had just formally quit our jobs and were starting to hash out our company. We were tired from long days at the farm, we had no income coming in, we were fighting with banks for credit card processing and our website was under construction. Our nest egg was tied up in this new and risky endeavor and we were obviously nervous. This fool put us at ease and we could have a good laugh about it. Honest truth, this “dude” was probably doing well hocking low-quality CBD to pedestrians making their way to the festival. CBD was new and exciting in Wisconsin. I knew how uncomfortable this sales pitch made everyone and we had a theory about this market that was playing out in front of our very eyes.

He was right about one thing. CBD is real medicine but who in their right mind wants to get their medicine from this guy. If it made us uncomfortable how do you think it made the older generations who could probably benefit the most from CBD? Baby boomers and CBD should go hand and hand when you look at the opioid statistics. Maybe this natural solution can help wean baby boomers off of opioids. We knew the atmosphere that we owed our customers.

When you walk into our shop you will not see one cannabis leaf. You walk into a clean environment with helpful, educated staff to help you with all of your questions. Our marketing does not cater to the cannabis counter culture but to regular people. We want our customers to feel relaxed and open. We have developed specific blends of CBD with natural additives to help treat the most searched symptoms that CBD helps with. For instance, our Good Vibes Calm ( has specific terpenes to aid in relaxation and sleep support along with great natural remedies like valerian root, melatonin and chamomile added.

Our Good Vibes Soothe line (, my personal favorite, aides with anxiety and depression. This custom tincture includes terpenes to help relax along with 5-HTP, B12, Bacopa Monnieri and other natural supplements that are proven to help with brain inflammation.

Our Good Vibes Alive line ( aides in pain and inflammation with terpenes for pain relief as well as natural remedies like arnica powder, acai powder and curcumin. Supplements you should be taking anyways. I really enjoy hearing from our customers about this line. Especially people that are using CBD for arthritis. Our customers have been very vocal about the success they are having using Good Vibes CBD. We also have other proprietary blends too to cover what our customers are searching for online.

Our mission has always been to get this amazing remedy out to the people who would otherwise shy away from it based on the stereotypes and current market. We don’t dress 15 years younger than we are. You probably wouldn’t describe us as “cool”. You don’t need the urban dictionary to translate our message. We are here to bring our customers the best sourced, highest quality, food-grade packaged, product that is specific to their needs without having to take a crash course in cannabis.

We will be starting classes for people who are curious about CBD shortly as well as many other classes to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Our CBD infused Vanyesa flow yoga classes have been a hit so far. Drop by our site and leave an email for 10% off and to stay updated on all of our new developments.

We welcome you to come say hello at our Wauwatosa flagship location, check us out online ( or support any of the fine retailers that are carrying our products (list coming soon to our website).