CBD Pet Treats

Good Vibes sources all-natural, grain-free pet treats made with CBD.

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CBD for Dogs & Other Pets

Good Vibes sources all-natural, grain-free pet treats made with CBD. Our products are made with high-quality CBD sourced from USA farms. We work directly with suppliers to ensure our CBD pet treats are safe for consumption and all-natural so your furry pal gets only the best. Our CBD pet treats are made for daily consumption to alleviate pain, ease irritability, and promote overall health in dogs, cats, and more.

Pet treats to help with anxiety

Much like humans, our beloved animals deal with daily nervousness or anxious feelings. Give your pup the relief he or she needs to relax in your home or at the playground: Good Vibes natural pet treats.

Crate training can be hassle, especially for nervous dogs or cats. CBD has shown early signs of alleviating stress symptoms in pets

CBD for older pets

Pets afflicted with chronic seizures, pain, or other ailments can benefit from CBD infused pet treats. In addition to being grain-free and all-natural for their overall health, these treats can reduce neuropathic pain and can target brain receptors to control seizures. This is especially helpful for older animals. We want our pets to age gracefully and painlessly—help them get there with high-quality CBD infused treats.

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