Our Corona Pivot

by admin | March 30, 2020 | News

Let’s face it. The economy and business as we know it will probably never be the same. We have yet to see the fallout of all the new money printed and jobs lost. Remember back in 2008 after the housing market crashed, many companies used the crash as an excuse to “clean house” and I think much of the same will happen this time around.

“What an awful time to be in retail” is what we constantly hear. I cannot disagree with this statement enough. Now it is exciting. It is time to flex our muscles and adapt to a new market. Our wholesale is doing great, our eCommerce is doing alright (no thanks to our terrible platform, we will blog about this at some point) and we are full of ideas and ready to pivot with the times.

The first pivot we are making is transitioning to live online sales while our storefront is shutdown. Via our Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/goodvibesoilcompany/, I (Shawna) will start showcasing some of our instore only products with options to purchase remotely. This is a new territory for me and I am completely nervous about this but hey, time to change with the situation. This has actually been a lot of fun so far. I get to use my photography tools that I have not used in a long time plus it gives me an excuse to dress up again and peel myself away from Tiger King.

This isn’t the only pivot or change that we are making. Matt is helping our wholesale customers with marketing and e-commerce related issues and we are really making our company one of support along with our quality products. Matt is also kind of loving this as he brought is saws and woodworking tools to our shop basement and is busy making our resellers displays and other cool projects for our summer serries.

 All and all, this will be a challenging time for us but with hard work and an ability to adapt to the market, we will make this a success. I hope that everyone stays safe and stays at home as much as possible.