My Morning Mindset Ritual

by Shane Hackett | November 30, 2020 | News
Good Vibes Soothe

I used to wake up, get dressed and start working.   The thought was the quicker I get to work, the more I would achieve.

Now, I COMPLETELY shifted my morning routine and it makes a massive difference.

When I wake up I do these 3 things:

1) I choose something I am a grateful for today.   This focuses my attention on gratitude.

2) I sit down to take my vitamins and add a couple drops of Soothe in my cup of coffee.  During this time, I right down the five things I want to accomplish today.  This focuses me on my health and prepare for the day.

3) I do a 30 minute workout each day.  It a combo of yoga, strength and my Peloton.   This too is for me.  If I’m strong physically, I am strong mentally.

Which of these can you incorporate into your daily routine?