How I Made My Health a Priority in My Life

by Shane Hackett | January 7, 2021 | News

I didn’t always use to care so much about my health.   I was young and healthy so I didn’t give it much thought.

Of course, I always knew it was important and something I needed to dedicate time and effort towards my health, but life (work, family, etc) kept getting in the way.

So how did I stop procrastinating and make the shift towards getting my health?

I grew up an athlete.  Always fit.   Then as the years passed, I moved from playing sports to the working world sitting behind a desk.   Slowly but surely my health went downhill.  It was gradual.   But it declined over the years.

I realized I’m the only one responsible for my health.   I’m the one that needs to make the decision to be healthy.  It wasn’t until I made the decision to myself to be responsible and accountable that I was able to regain my health.    It is possible.   And you can do it.

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