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CBD products have been tested and proven to reduce inflammatory symptoms and alleviate pain. Now it’s about finding the right form to fit your lifestyle. CBD oil can be infused into lotions, soaps, capsules, essential oils, and much more. Shop below or browse all of our CBD oils for inflammation & pain


Sometimes it’s about anxiety and sometimes it’s about just taking the day to treat yourself to you-time. CBD can do both. Relax from the hassles of everyday worries with a Good Vibes CBD product. Shop below or browse our entire selection of CBD products for anxiety & relaxation:


CBD oil promotes prolonged-sleep for cases of insomnia, anxiety, or general restlessness. Long period of deprived sleep can be detrimental to your health, and pharmaceuticals are much the same. CBD is the all-natural alternative to chemical medications, and offers some of the best sleep you’ll ever get. Shop below or browse all of our CBD products for better sleep:


Forget the days of patchouli-scented, tie-dye creams—Good Vibes offers a vast selection of CBD-based beauty products for healthy skin, rejuvenated youth, and a nutrient-rich lifestyle. CBD oil and hemp seed oil are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to promote health, while their other benefits can reduce pain in muscles, inflammation, skin acne, and more.


CBD-based pet treats have been known to soothe aggressive animals and ease separation anxiety in pets. Given in responsible doses, all-natural CBD pet treats can help animals as they recover from injuries, deal with a new home, and relax as they begin crate-training.